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Auto accidents between cars and trucks happen all of the time. In fact, most people will experience an accident at least once during the course of their life. Accidents involving a commercial vehicle, bus or passenger van, however, are less common. Each of these types of accidents have special considerations and complications which require experience to properly handle.

Commercial vehicles are generally driven by professionals who have both special training and special licensing by the state. This includes city buses, taxis, rental cars and other work related vehicles. The companies or government agency that own these types of vehicles have standards, regulations and special coverage to protect them in case of an accident.

Protect Your Rights – Commercial vehicles, passenger vans and buses may get into accidents less frequently than other vehicles, but when they do, it tends to be more serious than other types of accidents. These vehicles are larger, carry more weight and often have more passengers upon them at the time of the accident. Additionally, there may be special laws, insurance procedures and conditions which must be satisfied for a claim to be successful. Each of these factors complicate an accident, making it more vital than ever that you have experienced legal help.

Experienced Bus and Van Accident Lawyer in Joplin

In case of buses and vans, both types of vehicles are classified as “common carriers” under both state and federal law. Drivers need to have special training and licensing to operate these vehicles and special insurance coverage is also required. Still, each year there are many accidents and even fatalities due to accidents involving buses and vans.

These accidents are not like regular auto accidents, they require special investigation to uncover and prove negligence. Some things to be considered are if the van or bus had been properly maintained, if it was carrying too much weight or even if it had too many passengers. Finding out what happened can be difficult, especially since as an individual you are at the mercy of the insurance company who is ultimately working to reduce their costs, even if it comes at your expense.

Commercial Vehicle Accident Statistics

Here is a quick look at some commercial vehicle, bus or van accident statistics to give you a glimpse of what’s happening on roadways:

  • 5.2% of all fatalities and 6.5% of all personal injuries in Missouri are related to van accidents.
  • 1 person in the state of Missouri is killed by a school bus crash every 18.6 hours.
  • 61.3% of bus accidents occurred on city streets while 22.8% occurred either on a country or state numbered road.
  • Each year in Missouri alone 17,000 children are injured in a bus related accident.

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