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Technology makes life easier but it also adds complications, such as in cases of distracted driving. Those smart phones are handy but when you’re behind the wheel, they take your mind, eyes and hands off the task at hand. Statistically, cell phones and texting related accidents represented a large percent of accidents on Missouri roads. This isn’t just a local problem, it’s a nationwide issue that has led to 38 states banning texting behind the wheel. Currently Missouri only has a law prohibiting texting and driving for those 21 and younger. However, regardless of if there is a specific law to prohibit distracted driving, there are laws to protect us from negligent drivers, including those which drive while distracted.

Distracted Driving is Similar to Drunk Driving

Everyone can agree that drinking and driving is a deadly combination, but did you know that texting and driving has a similar effect? The National Saftey Council found that nearly 20% of all auto accidents in the United States was caused by distracted driving. In fact, distracted driving has replaced alcohol as the lead causative factor in teen driving fatalities.

Right now there is a ban on texting and driving in all states in the Midwest except for Missouri and Oklahoma. And while we see alcohol related driving accidents decreasing in the teen population, we are seeing an increase in distracted driving accidents. Here at Bishop & Hayes P.C. we have seen great similarities between distracted and drunk driving accidents. In many cases a distracted driver is as impaired as is a drunk one, leading to severe injuries and even death.

How do you know that an accident was caused by texting or other forms of distraction? If there is not a ban in Missouri and Oklahoma, does it even matter to prove distracted driving is at fault? Currently, there is only partial legal protection from distracted driving, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to the bottom of an accident’s cause. Minimally, proving distracted driving helps determine negligence, which is always an important fact in an accident.

In terms of proving that distracted driving was to blame for an accident, it’s not always simple. It takes special investigation and experience to know how to uncover distracted driving as the root cause of an auto accident. Our skilled legal team and extended network of experts know exactly how to prove that a driver was using a cell phone at the time of the accident. We use this information to prove your case, protect your rights and get you the compensations you deserve.

There is a Time Limit on Filing a Claim

In Missouri there is a time limit on filing a claim against a distracted driver. You must quickly work to preserve evidence, investigate the accident and prove that distracted driving was to blame. Bishop & Hayes P.C. knows exactly what steps need to be taken to protect your rights. We are always standing by to help, so please call us anytime, night or day. Remember, if you can not come to us, we will come to you and there is no cost for a consultation.

3.5x More Settlement Money When You Hire An Attorney

According to recent statistical data provided by the Insurance Research Council.

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In the state on Missouri victims of a driver who was texting or a distracted driver accident victim have a limited time to file their suit. At Bishop & Hayes P.C. we have the investigative experience, legal knowledge to help you and your family receives the compensation you deserve. Please call us now, our phone lines are monitored 24/7 and within minutes you will be speaking with Brad Bishop or Tim Hayes.

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