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You Need A Winning Joplin Missouri Personal Injury AttorneyWe have successfully recovered millions of dollars for clients in Joplin, Pittsburg, Carthage and the greater 4-state area. We would like to help you and your family today.

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Bishop & Hayes focuses solely on one type of law — auto accident recovery. This is important, because many attorneys view their traffic accident practice as a side bread-and-butter business. If you have been injured in a car crash, you want your lawyer to consider your case a priority and give you the fullest attention and resources to recover your maximum possible damages. We agree. That is why we commit our total attention, experience and resources to helping you recover damages for your auto accident injuries.

Real Clients, Real ResultsDuring the last 20 plus years Bishop & Hayes P.C. has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We would like the opportunity to help do the same for you and your family.

Auto Accident

Partial Paralysis of Lower Leg
Judgement: $1,550,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,100,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,000,000

Semi-Truck Failure
To Secure Load

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $500,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $400,000

Uninsured Motorist
Red Light Accident

Back Injuries
Judgement: $400,000

Head-On Collision

Broken Hand and Head Injury
Judgement: $350,000

Multi-Car Pileup
Due To Crop Fire

Closed Head and Collar Bone Injury
Judgement: $330,000

Interstate Rear-End
Auto Accident

Foot and Leg Injuries
Judgement: $300,000

Head-On Collision

Pelvis Injury
Judgement: $275,000

Dump Truck
Auto Accident

Shoulder Injury
Judgement: $265,000

Motorcycle Accident

Road Rash Injury to Child
Judgement: $250,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Fracture Vertebra
Judgement: $225,000

Distracted Driver
Auto Accident

Head Injury
Judgement: $185,000

Distracted Driver
Motorcycle Accident

Fractured Fibula & Ankle
Judgement: $175,000

You Work With Either Brad Bishop or Tim Hayes

We also believe that when you hire Bishop & Hayes, you should be represented by the lawyers whose names are on the door. Unlike other personal injury law firms, at our firm you work with either Brad bishop or Tim Hayes. No associates. No inexperienced attorneys. Although we have a phenomenal professional staff to assist us with your case, our partners do the work, not a paralegal or an associate. Our partners advise you at your free case evaluation. Our partners prepare all of your documents. Our partners appear at mediation to negotiate the best settlement we can for you. Our partners advocate for your rights in motions and trials. Our partners are responsible for every aspect of your claim, and we are personally invested in the outcome.

Our lawyers regularly represent clients from Miami Oklahoma. Our Miami Oklahoma office is located in the same building as the Miami Area Economic Development Services in downtown. Our cross street is East Central Avenue.

Four State Personal Injury Attorney 

Someone else made a mistake which leaves you and your loved ones with physical injuries, mental anguish, property damage – and sometimes even death – after a personal injury incident. You need an experienced and winning personal injury law firm who will fight for your case and is prepared to take the insurance companies to trial if necessary.

No Recovery - No Fee

Bishop & Hayes P.C. will advance all costs associated with your case. There will be no costs or fees to us unless your case settles.

Experience You Can Trust

Bishop & Hayes P.C. has over 50 years combined experience, and have helped thousands of clients recover millions of dollars in that time.

Prepared For Trial

Bishop & Hayes P.C. for the past 20 years prepares every case as if it is going to trial. Insurance companies understand the value of experienced trial attorneys.

Why Hire Us

Before deciding whether to hire Bishop & Hayes, we invite you to discuss your case with us for free. At your free consultation, you have the opportunity to learn about our experience and how we can help you. Factors that make our firm unique in our approach include:

  • Exclusive focus on auto accident recovery law
  • Close to one-half century of combined experience in car crash recovery
  • Partners who handle your claim at every stage, from consultation to recovery
  • Background in insurance defense and personal injury litigation
  • Strategic negotiators who maximize value of insurance settlements
  • Aggressive litigators who have substantial trial experience
  • Successful approach to reducing clients’ medical bills
  • Track history of high settlements and trial verdicts
  • Same-day returned calls and emails
  • Respectful and compassionate attitude toward you and your family
  • Assertive and effective strategy against insurance companies and defendants
  • Technology to help us refine our case analysis and preparations
  • Professional staff that is always ready with a warm smile and a helping hand
  • Vast network of experts with whom we consult about complex issues
  • Team of investigators to gather evidence at car, motorcycle and semi crashes
  • Financial resources to invest in your case investigation and preparation

Services Overview

Our firm is exclusively dedicated to auto injury law, which requires a wide breadth of knowledge about the many nuanced aspects of auto accidents and injuries. We take on virtually every type of traffic related injury, including:

Losing a loved one in a traffic accident is devastating, and the last thing on your mind is likely a lawsuit. Filing a claim will not erase your losses but can bring you a sense of justice against the negligent driver who killed your loved one. The damages you recover can also mitigate the financial difficulties you may face. Our partners and staff shoulder the duties associated with legal action and treat your grieving family with compassion, respect and confidentiality.

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Commercial vehicle crashes are complex and require experienced, aggressive representation. Our lawyers initiate an immediate, thorough investigation to collect crucial evidence at the scene and to preserve evidence from being destroyed. We unpeel the layers of liability to pursue compensation from every company responsible for your injuries, including the owner of the tractor and trailer, the corporation owning the transported goods and the employer of the negligent driver.

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Because motorcycles have basically no safety features, wrecks tend to result in severe injuries, such as spinal cord damage, traumatic head injuries, bone fractures, limb amputations and catastrophic skin abrasions. Our team is skilled in proving the nature and extent of your damages to maximize your recovery.

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A car crash is a terrifying, unnerving experience. You may then feel like a second-time victim when you start to deal with the insurance companies. Our lawyers step in to make sense of the convoluted policy language and to win you the best possible settlements for your injuries.

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SUVs and pickup trucks have taken over the roadways throughout Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Occupants of smaller regular-sized cars often face more serious injuries when hit with these tall, heavy vehicles. Our attorneys have a team of experts who analyze and explain why the SUV or truck caused the crash and greater damages.

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A surprising number of drivers do not have auto insurance. Their negligence can cause you financial hardship by making you personally responsible for all of your medical bills, lost wages and other damages. Our attorneys help you navigate the insurance system to recover the compensation you are entitled to and, when appropriate, file claims against third parties that played a role in your crash.

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The traffic laws keep order on the roads. You reasonably expect all drivers to follow the rules, so when a motorist fails to yield, the very unexpectedness of the violation can make a defensive reaction impossible and the collision worse. Our attorneys help you recover for a T-bone intersection crash, a head-on, wrong-way driver collision or a motorcycle accident if a motorist cut you off.

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By the very act of getting in a car while intoxicated, the drunk driver is negligent for the resulting accident and is liable for damages. While recovering from a DUI crash, you might also be a witness in the drunk driver’s criminal prosecution. Our lawyers guide you through the judicial process in the criminal court as we pursue your rightful compensation through the insurance companies and civil litigation.

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Pedestrians and bicyclists almost always sustain serious injuries when hit by a car. And yet, they almost always have problems with insurance coverage after the crash. Our attorneys pursue all of your available options for recovery and aggressively handle hit-and-run accident insurance claims.

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Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas prohibit all drivers from texting while driving but allow most drivers to use their phones while behind the wheel. Missouri has extremely lax anti-texting and anti-phone use laws. Our lawyers advocate for passage of stronger legislation to stop distracted driving. If you were injured by a distracted driver, we subpoena phone records and witnesses to prove your claim for damages.

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Attorney Profiles

When you retain Bishop & Hayes, your case is not passed on to an associate or a paralegal. One of the partners remains in charge of every aspect of your case. With a combined 50 years of experience in auto accident law, our team has the skills and determination to fight for your maximum possible damages. Meet our dynamic partners:

Joplin Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Brad BishopJoplin & Miami Office

Brad Bishop is licensed to practice before the bars of Missouri and Oklahoma. He started his career almost 25 years ago in insurance defense before choosing to help victims of crashes fight the corporations he once represented. He now applies his insight into insurance company tactics to protect the rights of our injured clients.

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Springfield Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Tim HayesSpringfield Office

Tim Hayes is licensed to practice law in Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas. He has more than 20 years of experience in civil auto accident litigation, starting at a large law firm where he headed the personal injury trial division. Tim served as a U.S. Army Reserve JAG Corps lawyer during Operation Iraqi Freedom and brings the same commitment to discipline and honor to his practice. Read more about Tim.

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Maximizing Damages for Automobile Accident Injuries

Our firm focuses solely on auto accident recovery. Our dedication to refining our skills, experience and strategies in this one practice area gives us an edge during negotiations and trial. We are inspired to dedicate our careers to this important field by the thousands of people we have helped recover health, independence, peace of mind and financial security after a vehicular collision.

Our legal team assertively pursues damages for your medical bills, future medical treatments, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, disabilities, scarring and disfigurement, pain, suffering, lost enjoyment of your life and other economic and noneconomic damages. We consult with a network of qualified medical experts to prove the cause, nature and extent of such debilitating injuries as:

  • Brain and head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Psychological injuries
  • Vision loss
  • Permanent disabilities

Our goal is to recover the damages you need to improve your health and live the best possible quality of life under your particular circumstances.

The Value You Receive By Hiring An Attorney

Research by the Insurance Research Council

  • According to their report 85% of all dollars paid out by insurance companies for personal injury claims were paid to individuals represented by an attorney.
  • Auto injury victims represented by an personal injury attorney received, on average 3.5 times more in settlement claims amount than those who choose not to hire an attorney.

Insurance companies take advantage of unrepresented individuals who simply do not have the resources to properly value their case. 3.5 times more value for those that hired a personal injury attorney – this is a huge number. You only have one chance to receive the fair compensation you and your family deserve, let’s make it count.

The chart reflects  average actual payouts for specific injury types. 

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