How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Our Free Case ValuationBecause You Should Know How Much Your Case Is Worth

At Bishop & Hayes P.C. for over 25 years the first question our clients ask us is, “How much is the value of my case?” This page answer this questions. It is our goal in this page to give you the ability to research the value of your claim and how we will be able to give you the answer to this questions with our free case valuation.

Serious Personal Injury or Auto Accident Cases

Many factors affect the value of a case, more importantly, how much money you will receive for the injuries and damages you have endured. To begin, the settlement value of a case is a prediction of what a jury will decide your claim is worth. Understand that juries will arrive at different verdicts under the same set of circumstances. This is because jurors have their personal biases that will either hurt or help your claim. So it is our job at Bishop & Hayes to calculate what we believe a jury would award you in a possible settlement.

Increase Value Over Time 95%

The Settlement value of a claim Increases Over Time

More than 95% of the time, the value of a case will increase from the time before the suite is filed to trial or settlement with the insurance company. We have hand countless cases where the settlement offer from the insurance company increased more than 50 times from the initial settlement or pre-suit offer. We have settled injury cases for millions of dollars then the pre-suit offer was zero. Our point is that at Bishop and Hayes we prepare each case as if it is going to trial in order to ensure the highest maximization of compensation for our clients.

Our Best Cases Often Settle Out of Court

Insurance companies typically settle the best cases. They often let weaker cases go to trial. Having experienced personal injury attorneys can make a difference in not only if the case goes to trial, but when the case makes a pre-trial settlement. Insurance companies need to believe there are repercussions when offering an unfair deal. Bishop and Hayes provides clients an advocate the insurance companies know will come after them seeking a maximum verdict. Further, you need an advocate who has a history of getting those big verdicts. Paradoxically, attorneys that frequently try cases and get big verdicts are the same lawyers getting the best confidential settlements. Why? Because insurance companies want to resolve cases before history repeats itself.

We have a proven track record, over 50 years of combined personal injury law experience and are ready to fight for you. We believe we are able to give our clients the best chance of pushing past the verdict and settlement averages to obtain the highest possible compensation for you.

The Factors That Matter The Most In Personal Injury Cases

At Bishop and Hayes we believe that you deserve to know how much your case is worth before you hire an attorney. Calculating this value cannot be determined on Google or with an advanced calculus formula. You need to discuss with an experienced personal injury lawyer the particular facts of your case and the possible defenses to your claim. Together we can help you come to a conclusion about what is acceptable to resolve your case and the valuation we believe your case is worth.

Our Free Case Valuation will include a discussion on:

  • the type of injuries you suffered
  • the economic damages (lost wages and medical bills)
  • the amount of available insurance
  • how clear the causal connection is between your injuries and the accident
  • how strong your liability case is
  • the quality of all of the witnesses
  • the expected jury perceptions of you and the defendant
  • how your pain and suffering from the injuries have impacted your life

What Does Not Matter: A lot of aspects should count towards a settlement, but do not:

  • You could have died
  • You have gotten behind in paying your bills
  • How you couldn’t buy a new car with the money you got for your property damage
  • All of the things that could have happened during surgery but didn’t
  • Medical problems you could have that are not likely to occur

These aspects are not admissible at trail, and the insurance adjuster will not consider them in caculating how much compensation they should offer. We realize this is not fair, but it is all the more reason why hiring an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight for you to get the highest compensation possible for the items that you can get compensated for is paramount. These include medical bills, lost wages, and most importantly in every case we handle, your pain and suffering.

How Insurance Companies Determine Value in Auto Accident Cases

In Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas motor vehicle crash claims, most of the insurance companies we deal with use computer software to determine the value of claims. They don’t care about you, your agony, your pain and suffering, or the tragedy of you never being yourself again. They care about hanging on to their money. There is no sense getting mad about it. You just have to find someone willing to buckle their chin straps and fight for you.

Most insurers use a computer system called Colossus or a similar program. The insurance adjuster inputs the data from your case, and it spits out a range of settlement outcomes. Colossus looks to the causes of your pain as described in your medical records. One of the most important questions is whether the injuries are permanent. The computer gives higher values for objective injuries, like broken bones and herniated discs than for soft tissue injuries. Colossus also gives greater value when the patient went to the hospital for initial treatment immediately after the collision.

While Colossus and similar programs do have some value, the problem is they cannot grasp the complexity of a human’s pain and suffering. A computer cannot place a dollar value on pain and suffering or how an injury impacted a person’s life. How much is it worth to not be able to pick up your newborn baby without extreme pain? How does it feel to lose your only living parent? There is no way a computer can answer this question. Colossus does not try to bake that into its settlement payout formula. It just assumes pain and suffering have little value.

This is why we fully explain to the insurance company why your injuries are different or why we are prepared to file a lawsuit to obtain fair value for your case. When we file a lawsuit, the insurance companies will sometimes take a second look at the real trial value of the case, particularly when they know that the attorneys handling the case are willing to go to trial.

While Colossus cannot appreciate pain and suffering and the real impact of the injury on the victim, judges and juries do. They consider many factors that Colossus ignores. It is only a formula. Juries make distinctions on how much your case is worth based upon whether or not they think the plaintiff is a good and honest person who has suffered.

The settlement value of the same injury can vary. If your injury is a scar on your face, the amount of compensation will depend on the victim. Sex, age, pride in appearance, are going to matter in determining how much money you are going to get for your case.

The same goes for ankle and leg injuries, where the victim can no longer run. If you are a couch potato, the value is less than the client who can tell a jury they ran a marathon last year. These details matter to every juror. But the computer tunes them out completely. Juries are the polar opposite of computers. Juries respond to human pain and agony. An algebraic equation responds to raw data.

Let’s take an example case we brought to trial. A mom who used to be a shopaholic with her three kids but now cannot get off a bench at the mall — or even get to the mall — because of the harm caused to her. A computer cannot understand or calculate this kind of impact on a person. Thankfully, the real decider is not a computer but human beings. They understand all too well what real human suffering is (and what it is not).

Real Clients, Real Results

Auto Accident

Partial Paralysis of Lower Leg
Judgement: $1,550,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,100,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,000,000

Semi-Truck Failure
To Secure Load

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $500,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $400,000

Uninsured Motorist
Red Light Accident

Back Injuries
Judgement: $400,000

Head-On Collision

Broken Hand and Head Injury
Judgement: $350,000

Multi-Car Pileup
Due To Crop Fire

Closed Head and Collar Bone Injury
Judgement: $330,000

Interstate Rear-End
Auto Accident

Foot and Leg Injuries
Judgement: $300,000

Head-On Collision

Pelvis Injury
Judgement: $275,000

Dump Truck
Auto Accident

Shoulder Injury
Judgement: $265,000

Motorcycle Accident

Road Rash Injury to Child
Judgement: $250,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Fracture Vertebra
Judgement: $225,000

Distracted Driver
Auto Accident

Head Injury
Judgement: $185,000

Distracted Driver
Motorcycle Accident

Fractured Fibula & Ankle
Judgement: $175,000

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