Why Hire Us

Why Hire UsExperienced Personal Injury Lawyers

Bishop & Hayes is a boutique law firm that handles only one area of practice — auto accident recovery. Our partners have 50 years of combined experience in complex motor vehicle litigation and negotiations. From our offices in Springfield, Joplin and Miami, we handle claims in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. Therefore, we fully encourage you to consider all the factors. Schedule a free consultation with one of our partners so you can get to know us and learn more about what we can do for you. We can discuss our experience and evaluate your case before you retain us.

Focused Exclusively on Auto Accident Injuries

We knew from the start that we wanted to put all of our efforts and resources into helping our clients recover and to do the best job we could we chose to focus exclusively on this single area of law.

By handling only auto accident law each and every day, we are able to remain immediately and fully informed of changes in the law and the manner in which individual insurance companies generally approach insurance payouts. We also have the knowledge and resources necessary to represent your best interests when faced with complex fact scenarios and debilitating injuries arising from a car, truck, motorcycle or pedestrian crash.

Joplin Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

Focused Exclusively on Auto Accident InjuriesFor Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, & Arkansas

When you hire an attorney, you expect your lawyer to handle the case, not a paralegal or an associate. Although Bishop & Hayes has a phenomenal support staff, our partners Brad Bishop and Tim Hayes remain in charge of every aspect of your case, including developing strategies, conducting discovery, arguing motions, negotiating settlements and preparing for trial. A partner counsels you on your claim and stands by your side at the negotiating table and in the court of law.

Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney

The insurance companies claim they represent their policyholders’ best interests, but they do not. An insurance company is a business with the primary purpose of profiting their stockholders and executives. Although they are held to certain contractual obligations, they likely will not pay one dollar more than the law and insurance contract requires. Simply put, the insurance corporation benefits from reducing payouts to injury victims.

Furthermore the contracts are written in convoluted legal jargon that is purposefully difficult to understand. You may not really know what type of insurance you have or the exceptions to your coverage. This is a normal situation that our attorneys often encounter. After explaining the policy, you may learn you are entitled to more than you realized or you may have to fight to overcome exceptions you did not know existed.

After discussing your accident and reviewing your policy coverage, our lawyers can make a clear, comprehensive assessment about the value of your claim and the steps we need to take to reach the maximum possible settlement.

If the insurance company claims it owes you less than you are entitled to, you can fight for your rightful compensation at trial. But, this raises many more questions. How do you actually know how much you are entitled to? How do you know when to walk away from negotiations? What steps do you need to take to file a lawsuit?

Our experienced auto accident attorneys guide you through every stage in the process. We base our strategies on the evidence we gather through thorough investigation. We accurately calculate value of the claim. We recommend trial if we believe you could recover more damages. In the courtroom, we aggressively advocate for your rights before the judge and jurors.

Medical Bill Reduction

Medical costs are through the roof and keep going up. Yet, the minimum amount of insurance that each driver is required to purchase has remained the same. In Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas, drivers need minimum personal injury coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 total per accident.

You will quickly reach that limit if you suffer serious injuries that require surgery or result in disabilities or if your entire family was injured. This could result in the unfair circumstance of you paying out of pocket for an accident that was not your fault. In addition, medical providers may place liens against your insurance settlement, which allows them the right to the money you receive for damages.

This is where our legal team can help. We negotiate to reduce your medical bills issued by your doctors, hospital, rehabilitation clinic, physical therapists and other medical professionals and entities that treated you after your automobile crash. We help you avoid medical debt and put as much money into your hands as possible.

Our lawyers are often able to reduce medical bills by 20 to 60 percent and to work out fair bill forgiveness and payment plans.

Damages Maximization

How do you put a value on loss of your livelihood or loss of enjoyment of your life? We grapple with these tough questions every day. Our lawyers consult with experts and consider every detail to make sure we maximize your damages value.

For example, your medical injuries may require extensive treatment months or years from now. Our lawyers account for those future costs in our damages calculations.

You also might need to make many changes in your life to accommodate a disability. We consider current and future costs of prostheses, aids, tools, home reconstruction, specially fitted automobiles and other special needs that can improve your independence and quality of your life.

Adding to the problem, you may not be able to work for a while, or ever reach the level you once could. The loss of wages and diminished earning capacity can cause an extreme financial burden from which you may never recover unless you are duly compensated. We calculate the income you lost while you recovered from your injuries and the income you may be deprived of in the future.

Real Clients, Real Results

Auto Accident

Partial Paralysis of Lower Leg
Judgement: $1,550,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,100,000


Wrongful Death
Judgement: $1,000,000

Semi-Truck Failure
To Secure Load

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $500,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Wrongful Death
Judgement: $400,000

Uninsured Motorist
Red Light Accident

Back Injuries
Judgement: $400,000

Head-On Collision

Broken Hand and Head Injury
Judgement: $350,000

Multi-Car Pileup
Due To Crop Fire

Closed Head and Collar Bone Injury
Judgement: $330,000

Interstate Rear-End
Auto Accident

Foot and Leg Injuries
Judgement: $300,000

Head-On Collision

Pelvis Injury
Judgement: $275,000

Dump Truck
Auto Accident

Shoulder Injury
Judgement: $265,000

Motorcycle Accident

Road Rash Injury to Child
Judgement: $250,000

Failure To Yield
Auto Accident

Fracture Vertebra
Judgement: $225,000

Distracted Driver
Auto Accident

Head Injury
Judgement: $185,000

Distracted Driver
Motorcycle Accident

Fractured Fibula & Ankle
Judgement: $175,000

Firm Resources

Bishop & Hayes dedicates 100 percent of our practice to auto accident recovery. This is all we do every day. As a result, we have developed highly focused skills and the crucial resources we need to do the very best job we can in each case. Our resources include:

  • 50 years of combined experience in auto accident recovery
  • Experience in insurance negotiations and mediation
  • Substantial experience in trials involving complex auto crash claims
  • Newest technology to analyze accident data and to organize our cases
  • Staff of professionals to assist our partners with case preparation
  • Qualified experts with whom we consult about accident reconstruction, extent of our clients’ disabilities, long-term economic losses arising from injuries and other matters relevant to our clients’ cases
  • Investigators who can assist us in evidence identification and collection
  • Finances to invest in our case investigations and in general tools that support our practice

How Much Is Your Case Worth?

We are often asked how much a case is worth. This is a good question that can only be answered upon complete analysis of the facts of the individual case. The value depends upon several factors, including the placement of fault, the extent and nature of the injuries, costs associated with those injuries, long-term disabilities, lost income and type of insurance policies each driver carries.

When determining value, our lawyers often find that clients fail to consider the full extent of their damages and all available resources for recovery. Our attorneys apply our experience, resources and dedication to calculating and recovering the maximum possible damages in a given claim.

We believe that an injured person should not have to pay to decide whether to pursue his or her legal rights. Our firm, therefore, offers you a free consultation where you can discuss your case and learn more about your rights and options for recovery.

We also offer you a contingency fee arrangement, which means you do not owe us any legal fees until you have recovered damages through a settlement or a jury trial. In the unlikely event that we do not recover damages, you do not pay lawyers’ fees.

Our fees are based upon a percentage of your ultimate recovery.  Thus, our interests are fully aligned with yours. We bear the burden of risks so you can pursue your rights with confidence.

Retain the Auto Accident Law Firm of Bishop & Hayes

With so much at stake, you need a dedicated team of experienced lawyers to help you win the compensation you are entitled to. Schedule an appointment with our partner to discuss your claim in detail. Your first consultation is free and we take your claim on contingency, so there is no risk to learning more about your rights and pursuing your full range of options. For your convenience we have offices in Springfield, Joplin and Miami. Our attorneys are licensed to practice before the bars of Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas

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