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You may have purchased a small vehicle to save money on gas and decrease your environmental impact. The car likely faired well on crash tests which generally rate car safety when rammed into a wall. What these tests often do not show is the common scenario of colliding with an SUV, pickup truck or other larger, heavier vehicle. The heavy weight protects the occupants of SUVs and pickup trucks, but increases the seriousness of injuries to occupants of the smaller cars involved in an accident.

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Vehicle Weight and Size Affect Seriousness of a Crash

Large SUVs weigh 6,000 lbs., almost twice as much as a compact sedan, which weighs 3,100 lbs. on average. Pickup trucks can weigh between 5,000 for the smallest models and as much as 9,000 lbs. for large, heavy-duty models.

These weights change the outcome of an accident. The heavier vehicle pushes the lighter one during a collision and increases velocity. During a head-on collision, for example, an SUV would push a small car backwards and change the velocity much quicker than if both vehicles had been the same weight. That sudden deceleration is a primary factor in crash injuries.

During a T-bone collision, the heavy vehicle would also do more damage as it crushed the side of the smaller car and pushed it out of control or into other objects.

Injuries Related to SUV and Pickup Truck Collisions

The seriousness of injury tends to increase with the weight of the other vehicle that impacts your vehicle. Common injuries in an SUV or pickup truck crash include:

  • Spinal cord damages caused when the occupant’s body was violently jolted
  • Head injuries related to ejection or hitting one’s head on the dashboard
  • Broken ribs and pelvis from airbag deployment and seat belts
  • Crush injuries resulting from the intrusion of the vehicle body into the cabin

You have a right to compensation for severe injuries sustained in an SUV or pickup truck collision. Our attorneys can help you fight for the financial recovery you deserve. We know how to construct a clear, convincing case based upon the evidence.

Recover Compensation from the SUV or Pickup Truck Driver Who Injured You

The lawyers at Bishop & Hayes, P.C. handle complex SUV and pickup truck claims. Call our firm’s Springfield, Joplin or Miami office to schedule a fee consultation. We take your claim on contingency, so you pay lawyers’ fees only if we succeed. We are licensed in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas courts.

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