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If you have been in a traffic crash, you need professional, aggressive representation to negotiate reduced medical bills, to increase your insurance payout and to sue the negligent defendant, if litigation can help you recover your rightful damages.

Bishop & Hayes delivers high-level representation of automobile accident victims. We focus exclusively on this one area of law so we deliver the very best counsel we can to every single client. We are available to deliver to you the counsel you expect and deserve.

Three Offices to Serve You

Attorneys Brad Bishop and Tim Hayes are licensed in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas and see clients in three convenient office locations:

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        Free Legal Advice and Risk-Free Representation

        Our lawyers believe that you should not have to pay to learn about your rights. Therefore, we offer you a free case evaluation where we assess the facts of your claim, explain your rights and present a case strategy to pursue your rights to compensation. This gives you a chance to learn more about your options and how we can help you reach the maximum possible damages award.

        Furthermore, our firm handles your claim on contingency. This means we do not bill you for lawyers’ fees until we recover damages. Our fees are based upon a percentage of the amount we help you recover, so our interests are directly aligned with yours. In the rare case that we do not win damages, we do not charge you anything for lawyers’ fees.

        What to Expect When You Call Us

        When you call Bishop & Hayes, you can expect to talk to a partner, not a secretary, about your claim. You can also expect your attorney to treat you with respect, compassion and professionalism. Most importantly, you can expect to get the results you are entitled to.

        When you retain Bishop & Hayes, expect:

        • Same-day return calls and emails
        • Regular updates about your case
        • Candid assessment of your potential outcomes
        • Thoughtful strategic advice
        • Direct contact with our partners, who only practice auto accident law

        Do Not Delay in Hiring an Attorney

        Time is of the essence after your accident. All states have a statute of limitations on filing injury claims. If you miss this crucial deadline, you waive your rights to damages.

        You also risk losing valuable evidence the longer you wait. During the immediate aftermath of a crash, the police begin to clear the road to allow traffic to flow. If a commercial vehicle was involved in the accident, the tractor-trailer corporation appears quickly to mitigate damages and may even begin dismantling the truck within days. As time goes by, you also could inadvertently introduce doubt about whether your injuries were caused by intervening events.

        You can take control of these factors by calling your attorney immediately. Our lawyers send our investigator to the scene to gather evidence, file for an emergency motion to stop the truck company from destroying the semi or other evidence, and guide you through the important steps you should take to protect your health and your claim.

        Call Bishop & Hayes about Your Auto Accident Case

        Schedule your free appointment with our partners to discuss your auto accident claim in detail. Our partners are available to advise you on your full range of options after an accident in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

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