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Giving Back

The Warrior’s Journey

After 9/11 at the age of 37, Tim Hayes joined the US Army Reserve JAG Corps. He volunteered for deployment during the US military surge into Iraq in 2007-2008. He was deployed as a Detainee Operations Attorney for the US Army at Camp Bucca, Iraq. His experiences in the US Military led him to be involved with The Warrior’s Journey where he serves as a board member. Bishop and Hayes are proud to partner with TWJ as they assist military personnel, veterans, and their families around the world with issues related to PTSD, combat injuries, and other challenges.

Bishop and Hayes Scholarship Program

Brad serves as a board member for the College Heights Christian School. As a father of four and as a leader in education, he understands how difficult it is for families to afford college. To help, Brad Bishop established and manages the Bishop and Hayes Scholarship program. Bishop and Hayes are proud to have contributed over $100,000 to high schoolers in the four state area. The awards have gone to young people who have faced difficult challenges including losing a parent to military service for the United States.

The Free Burma Rangers

After serving for ten years in the US Army Reserves, Tim Hayes has been a part-time volunteer with the international relief organization, the Free Burma Rangers. FBR was started by former Green Beret, David Eubank, to bring medical aid and relief supplies to refugees trapped in war zones. Since 2015, Tim has traveled to Burma, Iraq, and Syria 11 times to bring doctors, medicine, and to use his training as Emergency Medical Technician. More recently, Tim thru FBR contacts has smuggled former Afghan US Army interpreters and their families out of Afghanistan. 
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Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Springfield/Joplin

Bishop and Hayes believe in the right to life. For over a decade, B&H has financially supported the Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Springfield and Joplin. Tim’s wife, Janis, is currently on the governing board of the Springfield clinic. Brad has served for years in leadership positions for the Joplin Center. Each year, Bishop and Hayes are proud to sponsor the banquets which highlight the work these centers do for young mothers in the four-state area.

Stories of Those We've Helped

Local Charity Bound for Ukraine with Medical Support

With the war in Ukraine raging on, soldiers on the front lines and civilians are still in dire need for medical support and supplies. The situation worsens daily, according to the International Medical Corps, more than 24 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian aid. Ukrainians are calling out for help and an answer is […]

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Springfield Attorney Helps Afghan Refugees Relocate

A local attorney with the help of a former U.S. Army soldier helped a family of 15 escape Kabul.  The family consisted of a wife and husband, along with the wife’s sister-in-law. The sister-in-law is a widow whose husband was killed by the Taliban. She has 7 children.  The work to get this family out of […]

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Iraqi Man in Springfield for Life-saving Ear Surgery

Being there for someone when they need it most. A man from Springfield who does volunteer work in Iraq is helping save his interpreter’s life. Dlo Yaseen needs to get surgery in his right ear. But, it couldn’t happen in his country. Ozarks First reporter David Chasanov met with Yaseen and Hayes. What might be […]

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Wounded by ISIS, a Yazidi Fighter Finds Healing in Springfield

Yousif Khalaf Shaheen enters the neat sitting room of a north Springfield home, and he is greeted by a bright flood of daylight streaming through the windows. A day after a major eye surgery, he dabs tears away and blinks. The thin Yazidi soldier retrieves a pair of dark sunglasses, fits them over his eyes […]

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Two Springfield Businessmen Return from Mission to Mosul on Front Line

Two Springfield men are home safe after a mission to Mosul... on the enemy frontlines in Iraq. They were helping refugees, and even Iraqi soldiers who have been living under ISIS control. These are two local, ordinary men, who both felt an extraordinary call to help. "I'm a believer and just felt God leading me […]

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