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Many people feel a sense of freedom when riding on a motorcycle. While experiencing the thrill of the open road on a motorcycle may be appealing, it doesn’t come without a risk. Because of the size of motorcycles in relation to other vehicles, even a relatively minor accident can become serious. According to statistics there are over two thousand motorcycle-related accidents every year in Missouri alone. Sadly, a high percentage of these accidents are serious or even fatal.

Motorcycle related accidents are unique. Due to the often serious nature of such accidents, medical costs, lost wages and lost future earnings need to be strongly considered. Also, there are often many factors which contribute to a motorcycle accident, which can make it difficult to prove negligence and secure a successful outcome. The right legal representation is vital since a motorcycle accident is more likely to result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Bishop & Hayes P.C. have experience in successfully representing the victims of motorcycle accidents. Our many years of experience have given us insight and specialized knowledge that we put to work on behalf of our clients.. Together with our investigative team of experts we have been able to protect rights of many motorcycle accident victims.

Understand Your Legal Rights

It is not uncommon for accident victims to feel pressured by insurance companies early on in the process. They might be contacting you regularly and offering to quickly pay out a sum that they may call “generous” or “fair.” We urge you to talk with an attorney before you sign anything.

Insurance companies try to minimize their loss and reduce settlement amounts. It is not in their interest to look at your case and consider things like lost wages, lost future earnings and pain and suffering. If you sign something you are likely signing away your rights as well. For this reason we truly hope that you seek legal guidance from an experienced attorney before you sign anything.

How We Can Help You

The right legal representation is a key component to a successful settlement. Before you sign anything with a legal firm, carefully consider all of your options. Ask for previous experience handling cases similar to yours, request case examples and references. Also pay attention to how you’re treated both on the phone and in person. If you feel rushed or pressured, you may want to interview other firms.

You deserve a legal firm that is experienced and as passionate as they are compassionate. Remember, you do not get a second chance to settle your case and seek the compensation you deserve.

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