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Bishop & Hayes P.C. is a respected automobile accident injuries law firm that represents clients in the Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas courts. Our partners have combined experience of almost 50 years in personal injury and insurance law. Our law firm focuses exclusively on auto crashes–this one area of law is all we do.

Our lawyers handle complex injuries and wrongful death claims to help you recover the compensation you need and deserve after an auto crash. We pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, costs and noneconomic damages.

When calculating your damages, we consider the full scope of losses you suffered now and throughout your life. Future treatments, diminished earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, disabilities, pain and suffering are not theoretical concepts, but real losses you sustained and for which you should be compensated. We have the experience and knowledge to accurately calculate your damages and to recover the maximum possible damages for your injuries.

Our goal is to put as much money in your hands as we can so you can concentrate on recovering your health, independence and enjoyment of life. As part of this strategy, we negotiate with your health care providers to reduce medical bills and arrange for reasonably priced treatment options. This means that more of your insurance payout goes directly to you instead of doctors, hospitals and labs.

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Injuries Overview

Our firm is exclusively dedicated to auto injury law, which requires a wide breadth of knowledge about the many nuanced aspects of auto accidents and injuries. We take on virtually every type of traffic related injury, including:

Head injuries are common when motorcyclists and pedestrians hit their head against the ground with tremendous force during a wreck. You can also sustain a concussion from being violently shaken with the force of the crash impact in any vehicle.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are complex and often exhibit a broad spectrum of symptoms that range from severe to mild and, in some cases, delayed symptoms that do not manifest for weeks after the injury. You may not even know that you suffered a concussion or brain damage unless you undergo medical diagnostic tests or until symptoms start to show. Alarmingly, a subsequent concussion before a previous head injury has healed can result in lifelong disabilities.

Even a “minor” head injury can have devastating consequences, such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and impairment to memory, cognition, judgment, behavior and sensation. In severe cases, a brain-damaged patient may suffer seizures, nerve damage and permanent impairment. Altered consciousness, including coma, vegetative state, brain death and locked-in syndrome requires round-the-clock, often permanent care by family members or a nursing facility.

The lifetime average costs of a head injury can reach $100,000 for mild TBI and $3 million or more for severe brain damage. Pursuing these damages is paramount so you can get the care you need.

Motor vehicle crashes commonly result in neck injuries. The very qualities that give your neck flexibility to move your head freely also make it prone to serious injuries. During a crash, the weight of your head catapults violently back and forth and can strain the muscles and ligaments in your neck. Whiplash can cause severe pain, stiffness and immobility.

The force of impact may also cause the disks between your cervical vertebrae to rupture and put pressure on surrounding nerves. A slipped disk is a painful and debilitating condition that can cause weakness, tingling, shooting pain, numbness and spasms to affected limbs.

The debilitating effect of soft tissue neck injuries is often challenging to prove. Our lawyers have substantial experience in presenting the nature and extent of whiplash and herniated disk injuries.

Spinal cord injuries occur when the vertebrae are compromised and damage occurs to the spinal nerve. Ejection from a vehicle or motorcycle may result in spinal cord damage, as can rollover accidents when the roof collapses into the cabin of the car.

The severity and nature of the spinal damage depends on which vertebra was affected and how badly it was damaged. Generally, impairment occurs to the body parts below and corresponding to the damaged vertebra and may include paralysis, muscle weakness, loss of sensation, tingling, pain and organ dysfunction.

Urgent care costs are high at any level of damage. Incomplete motor function, where the injury causes restricted movement, can cost more than $300,000 for emergency care and rehabilitation. Over a lifetime, the patient is likely to accrue $1.1 million to $1.6 million in costs, depending upon age at time of injury.

Damage to the lower spine that results in paraplegia can run about $800,000 in emergency care and rehab and $3.5 million for life. High tetraplegia, where damage to the cervical spine results in complete paralysis below the neck, generally costs more than $1 million in emergency care and rehabilitation and up to $5 million during a lifetime.

Getting aggressive treatment may make the difference in regaining functionality and mobility. Our lawyers believe you deserve this chance to improve your health and independence.

The body is violently thrown around during a car crash, even if you are wearing a seat belt. The blow can damage your back muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, spinal disks and spine.

A back injury generally affects every aspect of life. Sitting, standing and walking may cause pain, weakness, stiffness, paralysis and discomfort. Working, driving, sleeping and engaging in daily life activities may be challenging until you recover. In many cases, lingering health problems persist for years after the trauma or may last a lifetime.

A slipped or herniated disk can cause shooting pain, weakness, paralysis and numbness to the limbs. Once ruptured, disks may never really heal, although certain treatments can alleviate symptoms.

Our attorneys help you get the care you need to recover from your back injury and to account for changes to your work and life resulting from back-injury disabilities.

Facial injuries often result from ejection through the windshield or off a motorcycle or bicycle. The injuries may include lacerations from broken glass and contusions and broken bones from impact against a hard object or pavement.

The bones of the nose are particularly fragile and prone to fracture. However, cheekbones, jawbones and other facial bones may also break if hit with force. One of the most devastating repercussions of a car crash is scarring to the face, caused by deep cuts and penetration wounds.

Reconstructive and plastic surgeries may be necessary to diminish scarring and deformities. Yet, insurance companies often treat this crucial medical care as nonessential. Our lawyers disagree, and we advocate for treatments that can give our clients peace of mind, confidence and independence, including cosmetic surgeries that improve facial appearance and function.

During a car wreck, safety features can cause substantial injury. The pressure of the seat belt and explosion of the airbags have the power to bruise, break bones and rupture organs.

Internal organ injuries are not often obvious at first. You may not attribute lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea and fatigue to your car crash, but you might be suffering from internal bleeding, inflammation or damage to a major organ. The hidden nature of organ damages is frightening because internal injuries are a medical emergency requiring immediate care. With no outward signs, you might not discover the injuries until they have progressed to a serious medical threat. You likely need ongoing medical treatment to restore functionality of the damaged organ. In severe cases, you may need surgery to repair your injured organ.

Our lawyers encourage all of our clients to obtain the diagnostic tests they need to identify injuries to the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and other internal organs and to receive timely treatment to repair the condition.

Whiplash occurs when your head moves suddenly backward then forward or from side to side as a result of forceful impact, causing injury to your muscles and ligaments. A type of neck sprain or strain, whiplash is one of the most common types of automobile accident injuries. Whereas your seat belts and airbags can minimize many injuries, no safety device can restrain the weight of your head when your car is struck from behind or from the side. In fact, airbags can actually contribute to whiplash injuries.

Whiplash generally causes extensive neck pain, headaches, radiating back and shoulder pain and muscle stiffness. You may feel fine immediately following the crash, but develop these symptoms during the next 24 hours.

Although temporary, whiplash symptoms can have a profound impact on your life. You might be unable to drive, work or engage in activities of daily living until your neck injury has fully healed. Our attorneys are skilled at proving losses due to temporary medical disabilities such as whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries.

A car crash is a frightening, traumatic event. Even a so-called fender bender can leave you shaken with a temporary psychological medical condition. An accident that results in catastrophic injuries or deaths may have long-term psychological effects that require extensive treatment.

A tractor-trailer, motorcycle, pedestrian or car accident can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which may manifest in nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks and anxiety. You may relive the event over and over in your head, or you may block out the horrible event entirely and be unable to recall major details.

Serious injury may also trigger psychological trauma associated with pain, loss of independence, diminished quality of life and physical health problems. Depression, anxiety and phobia can further reduce your ability to function at work and at home, compounding the losses you suffered from the original injury.

Help is available to you. With the right treatments, you can restore you psychological health. Our lawyers make sure that your psychological damage is considered with the same level of importance as your physical injuries.

A shard of glass or metal may enter the eye, or the bones around your eye socket may be shattered during a collision. These events impair vision and could lead to temporary or permanent vision loss. Vision loss may also occur as a result of brain damage.

Impairment of sight can substantially limit ability to work to your full capacity in almost every industry. Partial vision loss or disturbances affect driving, precision activities, computer use and reading, among many other functions. Total blindness requires you to relearn almost every task, from the simplest household chore to the hobbies and work you love.

We focus on getting you payments for medical care that can restore your sight if possible. We also pursue payments for expenses you are likely to incur to accommodate partial or total vision loss so you can regain independence and quality of life.

A permanent disability limits your ability to work in your chosen occupation or a job for which you qualify by training, education and experience. A permanent disability also restricts your ability to perform activities of daily living. Our lawyers also consider how a disability affects your enjoyment of life, including your participation in physical, intellectual, cultural and social activities you once loved.

Because a permanent disability renders you unable to work to your full capacity, you face limitations on income for the remainder of you life. Our firm consults with medical, industry, economic and financial experts to draw a clearer picture of the losses in earnings you have suffered, considering potential promotions and opportunities for education and training that would have contributed to your career advancement but for your disabilities.

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