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The traffic codes are very clear about who has the right of way. A driver who is in a hurry or not paying attention may travel out of turn and fail to yield to the motorist or pedestrian who has the right of way, causing an accident. This type of accident is particularly injurious because the parties were not expecting it; the driver who failed to yield may take no corrective action before impact. The victim likewise does not take defensive actions like applying brakes or swerving.

Bishop & Hayes, P.C. is familiar with this collision scenario. Our law firm solely handles automobile accident recovery, and we have refined our approach to negotiating with insurance companies and pursuing legal action against the negligent drivers responsible for the accident. Our partners handle your claim from beginning to end, instead of passing off the work to associates or paralegals. We remain personally invested in your claim.

Intersection Accidents

As you approach the intersection, you expect everyone to follow the rules and behave properly. When the light turns green you move forward and likely would not see a car coming from your peripheral until too late. An intersection crash often has the effect of pushing the T-boned vehicle sideways and out of control.

Our lawyers collect important evidence in T-bone accident claims. We review municipal cameras, designed to capture red light runners, to determine the color of the light when the negligent motorist blazed through. We can sometimes locate additional camera angles on nearby commercial security tapes and from bus dash cams.

Head-On Collisions

Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas have a network of rural two-lane roads that crisscross the states. Getting stuck behind a slow driver can be frustrating, but drivers are responsible for passing only in designated areas and never around curves or while driving up inclines. Illegal passing commonly causes head-on collisions, which tend to be catastrophic.

Our lawyers are skilled at determining fault in head-on accidents. We consult with experts about the grade of a hill or the angle of a curve that might have hindered driver visibility. We calculate speed and pass time to demonstrate the carelessness of the passing driver.

Failure to Yield to Motorcyclists

“He was in my blind spot,” is a common statement from motorists after pulling in front of a motorcyclist on a busy highway. Failing to observe someone in your blind spot is never a good excuse. The motorist has a duty to look before changing lanes, and only to make the maneuver upon being 100 percent certain the roadway is clear. The smaller size of a motorcycle does not relieve the motorist of this obligation.

Recover for Injuries Sustained When the Driver Failed to Yield

The partners at Bishop & Hayes, P.C. have almost 50 years of combined experience in auto accident recovery in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas courts. Schedule a free consultation at our law offices in Springfield, Joplin or Miami. We take your claim on contingency so you pay legal fees only if we secure compensation on your behalf.

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